Decision Maker Contacts

Before we built Hey Prospect, the two distinct problems we’ve previously found as a business have been:

1. Finding the companies that fit the profile of a potential client

2. Finding the right contact to reach out to

At HeyProspect, reaching out to the right person is easier than ever.

We know that going straight for the Managing Director or CEO isn’t necessarily the ideal tactic when prospecting, so we’ve made profiling senior members of the business easier.

It’s much better going for a targeted list of those that cut out the time of getting to the decision maker that will value having a conversation with you.

You can filter contacts on the HeyProspect platform based upon multiple job titles at once, or singular job titles, too, should that be useful to you. Additionally, you can also filter contacts based on the level of their seniority . This can be especially useful if you need to pitch your product or service to various parts of the business depending on company size.

If you are looking to specifically reach contacts via phone or social media channels rather than email, the HeyProspect’s filters can also ensure that all of your contacts meet this criteria.

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